Four Peaks Brewing Company

Hop Knot®


Hop Knot® IPA

American malt and American hops crafted with a bold, pioneering American spirit. Hop Knot gets its name from weaving five different hops introduced at seven separate intervals during the brewing process, including our cavernous hop-back – which gets so stuffed with whole leaf hops, we feel genuine guilt for its excess. Hop Knot is the color of a golden ale, but carries the bitterness of a fine pale ale and the hop aroma of an IPA.

Beer Style American-Style IPA
Flavor Fresh Hop, Mild Malt
Aroma Lots of Hops, Citrus, Pine Tree
Malts Two-row, Caramel 20L, Special Pale
Hops Cascade, Glacier, Magnum, Liberty, Simcoe
Bitterness 47 IBUs
Alcohol 6.7%
Food Pairing Spicy Dishes; Adovada, Curry, Pork Green Chili
Cheese Pairing Goudas and Cheddars, Some Herbed