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More than a century ago, the doors of our beloved Creamery Building opened to the public for the first time. And we’re betting a lot of you – like us – have looked up at our rafters and thought “If only these walls could talk…”

This year, we’re going to make that happen. It’s the 130th anniversary of our building and it’s time we celebrated it the only way we know how: by retelling stories over a cold beer. For the rest of 2022, we’ll be posting photos and telling tales of the Old Creamery for all of you to read and reminisce.

As we all know, the best stories are told in person, so we’ll be offering historic tours in the fall (we’ll release details when we have them), along with a big birthday bash beer dinner in honor of the creamery’s birthday – and our own!

We could use some help planning it, though. If you have some old products that were made in our building, some old photos lying around the house or even some family history you’d like to share, email us at info@FourPeaks.com

We’re proud to say we’re collaborating with the Tempe History Museum to create a living, breathing history of the former F.A. Hough Ice Plant/Tempe-Mesa Produce Company/Pacific Creamery/Borden Milk Factory/You get the idea.

We have a lot to tell you all. And we can’t wait to get started.

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