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You look forward to it every year, and it’s finally here: the Four Peaks 2021 Beer Release Calendar. Along with returning favorites, we’ve got some exciting new brews in the works that are poised to become mainstays in your fridge. Check out this year’s calendar and breeze through all the descriptions of our beers below to know what to expect when.

(NOTE: Four Peaks beer is currently only available in the Southwest, and not all beers will be going everywhere we distribute. Check with your local retailers and distributors to see which Four Peaks beers will be near you—or, better yet, check our Beer Finder.)


Kilt Lifter – Kilt Lifter is our award-winning flagship brew, crafted in the tradition and honor of the great strong ales of Scotland. Take one sip and you’ll swear it had been brewed by men in kilts—and maybe it was. It’s a full-bodied ale with pronounced flavors of caramel and roasted barley. Notice its amber color, malty sweetness and a hint of smokiness with a clean, dry finish? That’s a true Scottish-style ale.

Gilt Lifter – Brandishing bold bready flavors, this ale contains all the malty, toasted love of our classic Kilt Lifter Scottish ale with half the calories and carbs. We can’t guarantee drinking it instead of other beers will help your kilts fit better. But it couldn’t hurt.

Hop Knot – Hop Knot features five American hop varieties woven into the brewing process at seven different intervals for bold hop flavor intertwined with crisp, clean bitterness.

Peach Ale – Little-known fact: Arizona grows some prime peaches. This delicious golden ale is infused with the refreshing fruit to give you all of the peach with none of the sweet.

Sunbru – Brilliantly clear, bright gold and subtly flavored, Sunbru is one of Four Peaks’ most drinkable beers. But “drinkable” doesn’t mean “simple;” Sunbru took home gold at the World Beer Cup in 2012. When brewers from Cologne—the city in which the style was invented—are asking you for your recipe, you know you’ve got a beer worthy of being called Kölsch.

Raj – True to its British origin, Raj – our English IPA – is aggressive where necessary, but undeniably refined. Its deliciously floral bitterness is rounded out with a healthy dose of caramel malt that gives it a rich copper color.

Oatmeal Stout – Our Oatmeal Stout is creamy, dark and chocolaty, but drinks more easily than you might expect. The roastiness of this English-style stout starts on the bitter side, but is tamed by an infusion of a nitrogen, which is also responsible for the cascading bubbles and velvety mouthfeel that make authentic stouts like this one so revered.

WOW (NEW!) Each keg, bottle, and can of this wondrous wheat beer is infused with two things: sweet orange peel and the spirit of giving. A percentage of sales goes straight to The Joy Bus, a Phoenix-based nonprofit that aims to elevate the quality of life for homebound cancer patients through home-cooked meals and friendly conversation. A beer that not only tastes great, but also supports a great cause? Wow.

8th Street – A true “session” beer, our 8th Street Pale Ale is styled after the classic pub ales of England. Hop varieties native to the U.K. give the beer an earthy, floral aroma deftly balanced by the perfect amount of caramel malt. They say you can’t please everyone all the time—but they haven’t tried 8th Street.

Golden Lager – Two decades in the making, our Golden Lager is brewed with some of the world’s most celebrated lager yeast for an authentic, elegant flavor befitting the beer’s bright color. Grab a pint and drink deep; you just struck gold.

Desert Day Drinker (NEW!) You’ve been lied to, beer-drinkers. You’ve been told your whole lives that beer is a nighttime beverage, that respectable citizens wait until the sun sets before cracking their first can. But we’re here to reveal a simple, joyful truth: Day-drinking is the best. Desert Day Drinker is brewed for the hikers, the golfers, the tailgaters, the lake-trippers, the pool-partiers, the backyard barbecuers. It’s brewed for those who understand that life goes down in the daytime—and so should a beer or two. 

Double Knot – Dangerously smooth and drinkable, Double Knot is the bigger brother of our IPA, Hop Knot. We actually used more than double the amount of hops that went into Hop Knot, but “Double-and-a-Third Knot” sounded weird, so we rounded down. Double Knot has a warming maltiness with a subtle caramel edge, but hops, added at seven different intervals during the brewing process, are the star of the show.

Xerocole – Xe·​ro·​cole | ˈzirəˌkōl — A name given to animals adapted to live in harsh desert environments. As brewers who also must overcome sweltering heat and lack of water, we feel a kind of kinship with these hardy critters. We designed this beer to live up to our shared ability to thrive in the desert. Flaked oats lend the beer soft, creamy body; Lemondrop, Idaho 7, Denali and Mosaic hops added at carefully chosen intervals give it laid-back bitterness and a flavor dripping with pineapple and juicy citrus. It’s an IPA brewed to help you endure the scorching sun and keep the night going just a little bit longer. Think of each can as your own little oasis.

hAZy – We said we would never brew a hazy IPA. We lied. This delightfully cloudy ale is brewed with oats and flaked wheat, then is dry-hopped—not once, but twice!—with Sabro and Mosaic hops for intensely juicy flavors of guava, kiwi, and passionfruit. Embrace the haze—we did.

Seltzer – The details of this project are still secret—at least for the next few weeks. Keep an eye on our blog and social channels for updates.


Rosé Our Way – Brewed for wine-loving beer folk, this effervescent, low-carb ale has flavors of berries, melons, and white grapes. Is it wine? Nope. It’s Rosé…our way.

Kühl Beans – What’s cooler than cool? Kühl. The German word means “chilly,” and conveys how we cold-steep this robust porter with locally roasted Monsooned Malabar coffee beans, which are exposed to monsoon winds for several months to allow the beans to swell in size, lose their acidity and acquire mellow flavors of baker’s chocolate and earth. We then infuse the beer with fresh Madagascar vanilla beans for a soothing ice cream note. Pretty kühl, huh?

Pumpkin Porter – Our Pumpkin Porter is a dark, rich porter combined with all the things that make a great pumpkin pie: nutmeg, allspice, some ground clove and a little ginger. It’s our most popular specialty beer and has been for over a decade.

Double Pumpkin – It’s not enough that we make the most popular and best-selling seasonal beer in Arizona, Pumpkin Porter; it seems the people always want something more. Something … bigger. So in 2014, we heard their cries and created Double Pumpkin, an imperial Pumpkin Porter. We increased the spices. We upped the maltiness. We boosted the body. And in the end, we created what we think is a sublime (and flavorful) evolution of Arizona’s best fall seasonal. But fair warning; despite Double Pumpkin’s size, it’s only around for a limited time each year.

Oktoberfest – Traveling to the Oktoberfest celebration each year can get expensive, but not to worry: With elegant malt flavor, a kiss of herbal hops and a light finish that encourages drinking, our Oktoberfest is as authentic a festbier as you’ll find outside Munich—no airfare required.

Masskrug MonsoonA true cross-continental collaboration, this Munich-style dunkel was crafted using American hop varieties grown in Germany and German hop varieties grown in the U.S., then fermented with Spaten yeast at our brewery in Tempe, Arizona. It sports rich malt flavor and a beautiful amber color that’s pleasant to look at—even while hoisting a heavy stein and staring down a very determined German. 

Rattle On Red – D-Backs fans know it better than anyone else: A good beer is an essential part of any ball game. So we partnered with Arizona’s home team and brewed this smooth, refreshing ale to pair with peanuts, dogs, and dingers. Drink up and rattle on.

Red Bird LagerBrewed to celebrate the Arizona Cardinals, this amber lager has a light toasty malt flavor and crisp finish that satisfies from kickoff to the final whistle. Drink up, Red Sea.


Sirius Black – Our Russian imperial stout is named for Sirius, or the Dog Star, the brightest star in the black night sky. Flavored with licorice root and cold-brewed Monsooned Malabar coffee, this beer becomes even more brilliant after spending several months in freshly emptied bourbon barrels. When you taste a barrel-aged stout as complex and dazzling as this, you know it’s Sirius.

Hopsquatch – Formed from myth, legend, and a whole lot of hops, our American-style barleywine is seldom-seen, emerging from its dark cellar home just a few times a year. Each sip reveals rich caramel flavors nearly buried under a massive hop footprint. The 11% ABV may seem beastly, but take some time to get to know Hopsquatch and you’ll find that he’s a gentle giant.

Barrel-Aged Kilt Lifter – A year of slumber inside freshly emptied Four Roses bourbon barrels gives our award-winning Scottish ale a wee kick of caramel, vanilla and whiskey.


Variety 12-, 15-, and 24-packs featuring four or five different brews will be available all year long. Check the attached calendar to see what’ll be available when.

(More info about all of these beers can be found here.)

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