Beer stock photography is terrible. We’re trying to make it better.

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Do you like the photo above? Good. It’s yours. It’s part of a totally free database of beer-focused stock photos we had a hand in creating, so use it as you see fit.

As part of a larger initiative to “elevate” the beer industry, we teamed up with 10 Barrel Brewing Company, Karbach Brewing Co. and Veza Sur Brewing Co. to solve a problem a number of beer journalists and others had complained to us about: terrible beer stock photography.

Bearded white men aren’t the only people who make or drink craft beer, but if you were to look at existing beer stock photography, you might think they are. And when those photos are used by magazines, newspapers and websites every time they choose to write about beer, it can give the impression to women and non-white drinkers that there’s no place for them within the beer community. Existing stock photography also often includes beers poured in incorrect glassware, bartenders pouring beer improperly, and dirty glasses (shudder).

So we created our own databases of stock photos—available for free via Pexels and Unsplash—that showcase the true diversity of the craft beer community, with beers poured and served the right way.

“You might think ‘Oh, its just stock photos, they’re generic,’ but people see these so often on Twitter, Instagram, blogs, even magazines,” Ashley Knotek, digital marketing manager at 10 Barrel Brewing, said in an article about the stock photo project on food-focused website The Takeout. “It’s important we take the time to represent beer in the best way possible.”

Want to use some of the pictures for yourself? You can view the photo collections here and here.

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