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Four Peaks Brewery Bodega

Having a tough time finding staple foods, cleaning supplies, and other essentials at your local grocery store? Your neighborhood brewery is here for you. 

Today we’re launching the Four Peaks Brewery Bodega, a section of our online takeout menu dedicated to crucial household items such as toilet paper, groceries, and baked goods. You’ll be able to buy these items alongside our beer and food, and if you live in our delivery area, you’ll also be able to get them dropped off at your door the next day for free. If you’re outside the delivery area, we’ll pack your items for you so you can pick them up the next day between 2-4 p.m. with minimal human contact.

Why would a brewery offer grocery items, you ask? A few reasons: 

  • While we have access to these items through our pub’s food and equipment suppliers, the public may not.
  • We want to create a safe way for our customers to get groceries easily.
  • We want to offer an alternative for folks who may not be able to travel to a grocery store.
  • We want to do our part to relieve crowding at grocery stores. 

In most cases, the prices for the Brewery Bodega items are in line with (or below) what you will find them for elsewhere. You can view all the available items and their prices below. Also available on this new menu are our house dressings and sauces, which are available in 8-ounce, 16-ounce, and 32-ounce packages for $1.75-$3.75. Thirty-two ounces of Four Peaks adovada sauce can now be yours. 

Order your supplies for next-day pickup or delivery now at

                            ITEMS     PACK SIZE         PRICE
Butterper pound$3.00
Yogurt (32oz)each$3.50
Eggsper dozen$2.75
Almond Milkeach$4.00
Cheese, Sliced Pepper Jack1.5 pounds$6.00
Cheese, Sliced Cheddar1.5 pounds$6.00
Cheese, Sliced Swissper pound$5.75
Cheese, Sliced Americanper pound$3.00
Four Peaks Beer Pulled Mozzarella (log)per pound$4.00
Cheese, Shredded Cheddarper pound$4.00
Cheese, Shredded Parmesan8 ounce$3.00
Cheese, Shredded Cheese Blendper pound$4.00
Bread, Sourdough loaf*per loaf$4.50
Bread, Multigrain*per loaf$5.00
Buns, Burger*per six pack$3.75
Rolls, Sausage*per six pack$3.75
Tortillas Flour 12″per dozen$3.50
House Ground Ribeyeper pound$4.50
Kilt Lifter Brats 6 pack$5.00
Peach Ale Habanero Brat6 pack$5.00
Golden Lager Jalapeno Cheddar6 pack$5.00
Pitchfork Spicy Sicilian6 pack$5.00
Smoked Baconper pound$4.00
Chicken Breastper pound$2.50
Sliced Hamper pound$4.50
Sliced Turkeyper pound$3.75
              HAND-CUT STEAKS
Ribeye 14ozeach, limit 4$5.00
New York Strip 12ozeach, limit 4$6.00
Filet Mignon 6ozeach, limit 4$6.00
Sirloin Baseball Cut 8ozeach, limit 4$6.00
Center Cut Pork Chop 8ozeach, limit 4$4.00
Red onioneach$0.50
Yellow Onioneach$0.50
Romaine Lettuceeach per head$1.00
Iceberg Lettuceeach per head$1.25
Russet Potatoesper pound$1.00
Grape Tomatoesper pint$3.50
Jalapeno Peppereach$0.50
Bell Peppereach$1.00
Water, Bottle (24ct)per case$5.00
Pinto Beans (dried)per pound$1.50
Black Beans (dried)per pound$1.50
Long Grain Riceper pound$1.00
Assorted Pasta (dried)per pound$1.50
Wild Rice Herb Flavor (36oz)per box$7.50
Rice Pilaf Chicken Flavor w/orzo (36oz)per box$6.00
Ketchup Squeeze Bottle (20oz)each$2.25
Yellow Mustard Squeeze Bottle (13oz)each$2.00
A-1 Steak Sauce (10oz)each$5.25
Arizona Gunslinger Hot Sauce (5oz)each$2.50
Tabasco Hot Sauce (2oz)each$2.00
Cholula Hot Sauce (5oz)each$3.00
Assorted Cereal (single serve)each$1.25
      Cleaning and Essentials
Napkinsper pack$2.00
Bleach Disinfectant Spray (32oz)each$8.00
All Purpose Cleaner Sprayeach$8.00
Liquid Bleach (128oz)each$5.00
Toilet Paper Rolleach, limit 6$0.75
Four Peaks House Sauces & Dressingseach
Marinara (32oz)each$3.00
Alfredo (32oz)each$3.75
Oatmeal Stout BBQ (32oz)each$3.25
Adovada Sauce (red chile) (32oz)each$3.25
Green Chile Sauce (32oz)each$3.25
Green Chile Cheese Sauce (16oz)each$3.00
Oatmeal Stout Sweet Teriyaki (16oz)each$2.75
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing  (16oz)each$2.75
Chipotle Ranch Dressing (16oz)each$2.85
Sweet Jalapeno Dressing (8oz)each$2.50
Citrus Cilantro Dressing (8oz)each$1.75
Blue Cheese Dressing (8oz)each$1.75
Balsamic Dressing (8oz)each$1.75


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