Brewgooders Kölsch: A Beer for a Cause

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Each year, breweries in The High End take part in a contest of sorts. The rules are fairly straightforward: Collaborate with a local brewery to make and sell a beer, with a portion of sales going to a charity of your choice. The brewery with the most sales at the end of the contest wins an additional wad of cash to donate to that charity.

Pretty simple, right? But there’s a twist: Both the beer style and a secret ingredient that must be included in the beer are randomly chosen for you. Luckily, ours wasn’t too outrageous; we got Kölsch and Idaho 7 hops. (We almost got assigned Flanders red ale with habanero peppers. Bullet dodged.)

Collaborating with our friends at Helio Basin Brewing Co., we brewed our Kölsch in early October. After a few weeks of cold fermentation to lend the beer a clean, crisp flavor, we dry-hopped it with those Idaho 7 hops, imbuing the aroma with notes of rose, pine and tropical fruit. For a beer built of randomly selected ingredients, the combination’s rather delightful.

A percentage of every pint sold will be donated to St. Mary’s Food Bank, and the more pints you buy, the better chance we have of winning an additional batch of funds for them. Drink up and feel good doing it.

The specs:
Brewgooders Kölsch
Floral – Tropical – Charitable
5.6% ABV
19 IBU

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