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Creamery anniversary 

More than 100 years ago – 130, to be precise – the doors of our beloved creamery building opened to the public for the first time. What began as an ice-making factory grew into one of the busiest dairy productions in the Southwest before becoming the home of the Gin Blossoms and, finally, serving as the current home of Four Peaks Brewing Company.

While the city has changed around her, our old building has withstood the test of monsoons, termites, and time. She’s served as a gathering place for the community for more than a century, and it’s time we paid back the favor.

Over the next year, Four Peaks Brewing Co. is partnering with the Tempe History Museum to throw the creamery the birthday party it always deserved! We’re going to be highlighting some cool stories about the building on social media – you follow us, right? – and rolling out some limited-time merch. We’ll also be offering historical tours led by a guide who will walk you through the decades and tell you more tales over beers.

The entire celebration will culminate in November with a big beer dinner attended by some of Tempe’s finest (that’s you!) that just so happens to align with another anniversary – our 25th!

But we also need some help: Do you have some cool creamery stuff at home? Things like milk bottles, signage, photos, anything? The museum would love to take it off your hands for you! Anyone who donates an artifact to the museum will be given two complimentary tickets to one of our historical tours. For more information, please contact the Tempe History Museum.

Do you have some really great tales to tell? Maybe you worked at the creamery or have a friend or relative who did? We’d love to talk to you! Email us at with your name, Phone number, and a brief description of your story. Warning: Conversations may result in beers!

The best way to stay tuned throughout the year as we announce more celebration details is to subscribe to our Brewsletter

It certainly has been a wild 130 years at the creamery. We can’t wait to tell you all about it. Cheers!

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