Built before
Arizona's Statehood

What better place to brew cold, refreshing beer than a retired ice house? Originally christened the F.A. Hough’s Ice Factory, this Mission Revival-style brick beauty is still standing strong after more than 100 years. Before we came along, the building housed a dairy creamery and Uranus Recording, which hosted the likes of The Gin Blossoms and Stevie Nicks in its studio.

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“Let’s start
a brewery”

Fueled by nothing but hops and undying thirst, we got the idea. Four Peaks was created to follow our passion to the highest degree. We were all in from the start. Lucky for us—and for you—things worked out.


Aug. 17

Receive first load
of Grundy Tanks

Selling these guys funded our operation. Originally used in England, Grundy tanks are large vessels perfect for serving beer. They went out of style across the pond right around the time the microbrewery scene was picking up in the states. We imported shiploads and sold them to budding breweries across the U.S. If you ever see these in the wild, chances are they came from Four Peaks.


Nov. 9

First brew day

All systems are go. It was a glorious thing to see Four Peaks come together and brew a batch of beer that was truly our own.


Dec. 10

First keg sold

Casey Moore’s Oyster House, Tempe's best-known Irish pub, is an Arizona staple. It was fitting that it became one of the first pubs outside of our brewery in which you could find Four Peaks on tap.

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Mar. 1

Scottish Amber is christened Kilt Lifter

Kilt Lifter is our flagship beer. This guy keeps the lights on, making up 60 percent of what we brew. It’s the No. 1 locally made beer in Arizona. Kilt Lifter has won multiple medals at Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup—and for good reason.

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Apr. 26

A grand opening

Nearly three years after we got the idea to start Four Peaks, we finally opened our pub to the world. Two decades later, we’ve maintained that neighborhood pub mentality; we’ve just added more equipment to help share our brews far beyond Tempe, Arizona.


Jun. 29

Four Peaks' kitchen opens

We didn't want to just drink beer; we wanted to eat it too. Our menu incorporates Four Peaks brews into many of our dishes, from beer batter to pizza crust. Our kitchen serves up high-quality pub fare that's handmade and always fresh.


Dec. 19

First beer bottled

Now you can enjoy Four Peaks from your kitchen table, couch, or wherever you want. Our fans have brought Four Peaks beers on trips through the Four Peaks mountains (classic) to a waterfall in Costa Rica (exotic).


Jan. 6

Four Peaks Grill & Tap in Scottsdale opens

What the people want, the people get. In this case, it was a North Scottsdale location. The Four Peaks Grill & Tap has all of our great beers in a space that’s equally focused on family and food.

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Nov. 19

Wilson Brewery opens

Things got busy. To keep up with demand, we sought a location that would offer the perfect space for huge brew tanks and nearly round-the-clock production. You can enjoy a pint in full view of their towering glory at our taproom.

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Oct. 19

Four Peaks Sky Harbor opens

Yup. You can now make Four Peaks the last thing you drink before you leave or the first thing you taste when you touch down.

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Dec. 18

Four Peaks expands with Anheuser-Busch

We partnered with the world's largest brewer to help share Four Peaks and Arizona with the rest of the world. Keep an eye out for us in your state.

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Who We Are

The Beer

We won’t brew on a dare, but we’re not complacent. Sure, we may use an off-the-wall ingredient in our Single Tank Series, but we always brew with intent. Since the beginning, we’ve vowed to use only the best in our brews.

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The Building

Where we call home. When we locked eyes with this historic 1890’s beauty, we had to have her. Once an ice house, a dairy creamery and a recording studio, this place is heavy with history. We’ve turned this building into a labyrinth to make room for our mainstays, seasonals, Single Tank Series, cask-conditioned and barrel-aged beers.

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The People

That’s you. We brew beer, and if you dig it, we make more of it. It’s that simple. Whether you’re sipping with friends, around the dinner table with family or at the pub next to a stranger, good beer makes for great company. The best friends are made over beer.

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