We’re expanding our barrel-aging program

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If you visit our 8th Street pub in the next few days and hear the sounds of jackhammers and construction workers coming through the walls, don’t be alarmed. While our 100-year-old building is definitely haunted—remind us to tell you about it one day—these particular noises aren’t paranormal. We’re under construction.

Construction at Four Peaks 8th Street

Today we began the overhaul of two rooms located at the back edge of our brewpub that will become home to dozens of new bourbon barrels.

Until recently, this space was home base for our marketing, HR and accounting teams, but we kicked them to the curb to make room for the barrels. (Just kidding. They moved their offices a few doors down on 8th Street.) We plan to order 100 new (to us) bourbon barrels as soon as construction is complete, which will double our current barrel-aging capacity. When full, the main room should fit about 140 barrels. We’ll also open the room up for special pairing dinners, tasting seminars and other events once we have the barrels in place.

The construction underway will also create a secondary barrel-aging room sealed off from the others, which will enable us to begin producing mixed-fermentation sour ales—a dream among our brewers for years. We’ve already purchased two 20-barrel foeders for this purpose, which are scheduled to arrive in July.

The bottom line: There’s much, much more Sirius Black, Heavy Lifter, Barrel-Aged Hopsquatch and an array of fruit-infused funky beers on the way.

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