Calling all athletes: The Gilt Lifter Gladiator Games are coming

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Gilt Lifter Gladiator Games

Over the years, we’ve heard a lot of bragging from you folks on the other side of the bar about how fast, strong, and fit you are. Frankly, we’re skeptical. But now we’re offering you a real chance to prove your athletic prowess—and win a year’s worth of beer for the effort*. 

Prepare for the Gilt Lifter Gladiator Games, a beer-fueled fitness competition only Four Peaks could think up. In partnership with Crossfit Tempe and Earn Your Booze, we’re letting you show off your skills in a series of inflatable obstacles courses and attractions, tug-of-war and pull-up contests, and the main event: A three-person race to burn 99 calories, with the winning team taking home a year’s supply of Gilt Lifter*.  

Think you’ve got what it takes? Here’s how the 99-calorie challenge will work: Teams of three men or three women will select members to exercise on one apparatus each—one on the rowing machine, one on the skiing machine, and one on the fan bike. At the call of “3, 2, 1, GO!” the team member on the fan bike will begin pedaling to achieve 33 calories of effort, as recorded by the bike and shown on its screen. Once this competitor reaches 33 calories, the team member on the rower can begin. When the second competitor hits 33 calories, the final team member will then race to 33 calories on the skiing machine. The team’s total time will be recorded when the person on the skier finishes his or her race to 33, for a total of 99 calories—the same amount found in a can of Gilt Lifter. Times will be recorded throughout the event, and we’ll announce the overall winners at 4:30 p.m. 

One team of men and one team of women competing in the 99-Calorie Challenge will win the grand prize: A year’s supply of Gilt Lifter*. Smaller prizes such as gift cards and Four Peaks merch will be awarded for the second- and third-place teams, as well as to competitors who emerge victorious from the obstacle courses and other challenges set up throughout the event. 

The competition was put together to celebrate the launch of Gilt Lifter Scottish Light Ale, a beer featuring all the bold, malty flavor of Four Peaks’ classic Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale in a 99-calorie package. 

“For people trying to stay healthy while also drinking beer, there are basically two options: You work out really, really hard so you can drink big, high-calorie beers, or you stick to “lite” beers that don’t taste like much,” says Andy Ingram, Four Peaks’ co-founder and head brewer. “We make Gilt Lifter for people who want a post-workout beer that isn’t just low in calories, but also tastes awesome.” 

Accordingly, the Gilt Lifter Gladiator Games will have plenty of beer available for purchase at just $5 per pint. The Four Peaks Traveling Kitchen will also be parked nearby to provide healthy grub (as well as some not-so-healthy Four peaks classics). 

The Games begin at 1 p.m. Saturday, March 28 at the Four Peaks Wilson Party Palace, located at 2401 S. Wilson Street in Tempe. This is a 21-and-up event. Tickets are just $10 and can be purchased online or at the door. 


*Winning teams will receive Four Peaks gift cards worth a total of $450, the equivalent of one 30-pack of Gilt Lifter each month for a year

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