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Four Peaks 8th Street fans will have the chance to compete in this year’s stein-holding contests. Anyone over 21 is welcome to attend a qualifier and compete for the grand prize. We’ll also be hosting more than a dozen qualifying events at bars and restaurants across the state. (see list below)

The Grand Prize is the Ultimate 2023 Beer Festival Ticket Package.

The Package will include 2 tickets for 2023 Strong Beer, 2 tickets for 2023 Made in the Shade, 2 tickets for 2023 Real Wild and Woody, 2 tickets for 2023 Oktoberfest, and a $100 Gift Card to the Four Peaks Pub.

Qualifying rounds at Four Peaks will take place on September 15th, 22nd, and 29th. The top stein-hoisters in the men’s and women’s categories from each qualifier will move on to the championship on Saturday, October 8th. The time and location of the championship will be announced the week before the event.

Entry to the Four Peaks Stein-Holding Contest is just $8 and includes a commemorative stein filled with beer. Qualifying events held at Four Peaks 8th Street will be broken into men’s and women’s categories and capped at 15 competitors per round. If multiple rounds are held at a single event, the competitors with the top times for the day will move on to the championship on October 8th.

Sign-up for the Four Peaks events here:

9/15 – Event

9/22 – Event

9/29 – Event


• All competitors must be at least 21 years old.

• The stein used in the contest must be the Four Peaks branded stein handed out by the Four Peaks rep. No other steins will be allowed.

• Steins must be filled to the 1-liter line with liquid (we recommend using beer, but you may use water or another liquid).

• Competitors will be broken into groups of no more than 15 per round. We will allow for 1 winner for males, and 1 winner for females, each day.

• At the count of “3, 2, 1…go!” all competitors will lift their steins, holding the glass with one arm. Competitors’ arms must be held out straight and parallel to the ground at shoulder level. If a competitor bends an elbow, drops an arm below parallel, or spills any beer, he or she will be eliminated. (See the “Let’s Talk About Proper Form” QR code) The round will continue until one competitor is left holding a stein.

• Any decision by the Four Peaks judges will be final.

• There will be 2 winners (male & female) and those winners will get a prize on the spot.

• Pre-qualifying competitions will be giving away the Four Peaks stein glassware.

• At the main competition, you will need to turn in your custom Oktoberfest stein before re-entering the park as there is a no glass policy. You can pick your clean stein up at the Four Peaks 8th St. Pub the following Monday-Friday.

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