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Tempe, Arizona—Four Peaks Brewing Co., Arizona’s largest brewery, announced today that it will begin to roll out redesigned packaging for all of its beers starting in December. The refresh will be the first major update to the look of Four Peaks’ beers since the brewery opened in 1996.

“Not much about the way we do things at Four Peaks has changed in our 20-plus years in business,” says Andy Ingram, Four Peaks head brewer and co-founder. “Unfortunately, that also includes our packaging. This update to the look of our beers has been a long time coming, and we couldn’t be more excited for it.”

To bring a new aesthetic to the packaging while balancing the expectations of Four Peaks’ most fervent fans, the brewery tapped Karen Windsor-Worrel, head of KWW Design in Queen Creek, Arizona, who was the original designer of the logos for many Four Peaks beers. The brewery worked with Windsor-Worrel over several months to create designs that feature brighter colors and more flavor descriptors while staying true to the soul of Four Peaks.

To correspond with the redesign, Four Peaks will also be adjusting date coding information on all of its packaging to reflect each beer’s expiration date, rather than the date it was brewed. This information will be printed on the shoulder of every bottle and on the bottom of every can.

“Our customers have told us they find “best by” dates a lot more useful than “brewed-on” dates,” Ingram says. “With the clear dating information on the new packaging, retailers and drinkers will be able to easily tell if the beer they’re about to enjoy is still fresh and fantastic.”

Cans, bottles, six-packs and cases featuring the new designs and updated dating information will begin to hit stores across Four Peaks’ seven-state distribution footprint in December, starting with Four Peaks’ flagship beers: Kilt Lifter, Hop Knot, Peach Ale and Pitchfork. Seasonals—like the brewery’s popular Pumpkin Porter—will follow. Scroll down to see the new bottles and six-packs in action.

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