Our Process


Our Brewers'

Our brewers take great pride in brewing beers that are true to style. We appreciate the innovation involved in developing something completely new, but we love the challenge in brewing beer that stays true to historic flavors and practices. Our quest for the perfect pale ale, IPA or Scottish ale drives us to be the best.


Brewed with
the best

You could say we’re obsessed with quality. We make annual trips to the Yakima Valley to hand-select the best hops available, we apply rigorous standards to ensure our beers are only made with the finest malted barley, and we go to great lengths to protect and preserve our proprietary yeast strain. We even go so far as to strip our municipal water supply to its most basic state and add back salts and minerals to create the perfect water for brewing each style of beer. We’ve invested in the best equipment, the best processes and the best people to create what we think is the finest beer possible.


from kettle
to tap

We are traditionalists. We don’t believe in fixing things that aren’t broken. Accordingly, very little has changed in our brewing process over the years. Even the best brewing equipment in the world won’t brew beer by itself; it takes dedicated people to steward the brewing and fermentation process. It requires great patience and attention to detail to be the best. For us, good enough is never good enough.


quality and

We don’t take anything for granted. Our state-of-the-art laboratories and the technicians who work inside them ensure that only the best possible beer reaches our customers. We test and taste and re-test and re-taste every batch that goes through our brewery, and if it’s not up to our standards, we don’t release it. Beer can be a fickle drink and consistency can sometimes be elusive, so we leave nothing to chance when it comes to quality.


beer for

We’ve never thought that beer should be the center of attention. In fact, we’ve often taken the greatest pleasure in a simple, well-made beer in the company of good people while talking about anything but beer. We believe that whether part of a quiet conversation or a party for the big game, beer belongs. But our beers aren’t designed to turn heads and raise eyebrows; they’re designed to keep the night going just a little bit longer.