Drink up, Red Sea: Red Bird Lager is back

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Four Peaks Red Bird Lager 2021

Red Bird Lager, a beer brewed in celebration of—and in collaboration with—the Arizona Cardinals, is back.

This will be the third year we’ve released Red Bird Lager. Newly designed 15-packs will begin landing in grocery and convenience stores throughout Arizona beginning Friday, Aug. 13—the same day as the Cardinals’ first preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys. 

“There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the Cardinals this year, and we wanted to release a beer that gave fans just as many reasons to cheer,” says Four Peaks co-founder and head brewer Andy Ingram. “With Red Bird Lager, Cards fans can be red, see red, and drink red.”

First released in 2019, Red Bird Lager is a 4.5% ABV amber lager with light toasty malt flavor and a crisp finish that satisfies from kickoff to the final whistle. We haven’t made any changes to the recipe for 2021, but we did update the beer with new packaging celebrating 120 years of Cardinals football. (The team we now know as the Arizona Cardinals was founded in 1898 as the “Morgan Athletic Club;” it was renamed the “Racine Street Cardinals” in 1901.)

Red Bird Lager is available now at Four Peaks 8th Street and will begin landing in stores throughout Arizona beginning Friday, Aug. 13. 

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