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Problem: COVID-19 has made it impossible to host our beloved beer dinners at 8th Street.

Solution: We bring our beloved beer dinners to you.

Our first-ever Virtual Beer Dinner brings thoughtfully constructed dishes and perfect beer pairings to your kitchen table. Just pick up the pre-made kit from 8th Street, follow the (very simple) instructions to build the dishes at home, and view this video to see our chef walk you through the dishes and explain the pairings as you chow down.

If you’d rather follow text instructions:

“Rosé All Day” Compressed Watermelon Salad
Kit contents:
1 bag compressed watermelon (9 to 10 1-inch pieces)
1 – 8 oz. deli cup wild arugula
1 – 2 oz. ramekin toasted pine nuts (1 oz.)
1 – 3.25 oz. ramekin pickled fennel
1 – 2 oz. ramekin crumbled goat cheese

1. Arrange arugula in the center of the plate
2. Tear bag of watermelon open, remove from bag and place on top of arugula
3. Reserve liquid from watermelon and set aside
4. Evenly distribute pickled fennel on top of watermelon and arugula as desired
5. Pour reserved watermelon liquid in fennel container and add 1 tablespoon olive oil. Cover with lid and shake to emulsify dressing
6. Finish salad by adding pine nuts, goat cheese, and dressing as desired (fresh-cracked black pepper optional)

“Tropical Getaway” Seared Ahi Lettuce Wraps
Kit contents:
1 – bag sliced seared ahi ( 4 oz. – 6 pieces)
1 – 3.25 oz. ramekin tropical fruit salsa
1 – 2 oz. ramekin toasted coconut
1 – 2 oz. ramekin crushed wasabi peas
1 – 3.25 oz. ramekin ginger plum dressing
1 – 16 oz. deli cup baby gem lettuce leaves (3pcs)

1. Place all 3 lettuce leaves on the desired plate, concave side up
2. Tear ahi bag open and evenly place slices of tuna on each leaf of lettuce, 2 slices per leaf
3. Top tuna with tropical salsa, toasted coconut, and wasabi peas
4. Finish by drizzling ginger plum dressing over each lettuce cup

“Joy Bus to Mardi Gras” Chicken Jambalaya
Kit contents:
1 – bag dirty rice (6oz)
1 – bag sous vide chicken breast
1 – bag RAD jambalaya gravy
1 – 3.25 oz. ramekin scallion curls

1. Place chicken, rice, and gravy bags in a medium saucepan that will fit all 3
2. Fill the saucepan with hot water until bags are covered. Put on the stovetop and bring to a boil
3. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes (this can be done ahead of time and kept on low to maintain heat)
4. Follow steps 5, 6 and 7 if you want crispy skin on your chicken and reduced gravy; otherwise skip to step 8
5. Heat a frying pan on medium heat with a small bit of oil or butter.
6. Remove chicken from bag and carefully place skin side down in frying pan, applying a bit of pressure to get an even sear on the skin. Be careful not to burn (reduce heat as needed). Heat chicken for 2-3 minutes, until skin is golden brown, then remove from pan and let rest
7. In the same pan, carefully add the gravy and turn off the heat and let reduce slightly.
8. Remove rice from water and spoon into the center of a wide bowl or couped plate. Slice chicken breast into 3 equal pieces and place on top of rice. Pour gravy on top and around rice and chicken. Finish by topping with scallion curls

“Escape the hAZe” hAZy Cheezecake
Kit contents:
1 – hAZy cheesecake tin
1 – 3.25 oz. ramekin mixed berry compote
1 – 2 oz. ramekin hoppy toffee pieces
1 – 2 oz. ramekin Four Roses bourbon caramel

1. Place a spoonful of caramel on the center of plate
2. Carefully remove cheesecake from tin and place on top of caramel
3. Top cheesecake with compote and drizzle liquid around plate
4. Place toffee pieces around cheesecake as desired and drizzle remaining caramel around plate

Have fun and be as creative with plating as you want. Courses 1, 2, and 4 can be plated ahead of time and kept in the fridge; just wait to finish with dressing right before serving. Enjoy!

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