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We’re just going to say it: The Old Creamery Building is haunted.
Sure, you hear that a ton this time of year. The second fall begins, it seems everyone has a haunted tale or two to weave about a creepy room in the back. We have a lot of them. But we’ve also gotten to know our ghosts, and we’d like to introduce you to one of them. His name was
(is?) Victor Vogel.

He took over as superintendent (basically a general manager) of the Borden Milk Factory – aka our building – in 1927. An apparent mover and shaker, Vogel also helped run the former Maricopa Creamery in Phoenix when it was also acquired by Borden in 1929.
Outside of work, we know Vogel loved to play bridge. Like, a lot of bridge. But he also made an impact on Tempe: He was active in several societal groups – including the Tempe Women’s Club, Catholic Ladies Guild, and Arizona Central Dairy League – and president of both the Civics
Club and Tempe Rotary Club. Vogel was also instrumental in attracting some of the nation’s top tennis players and swimmers to Tempe as part of the Arizona Amateur Athletic Union.
Sadly, Victor left this world in 1972 after a long, and by all accounts very happy, life in Tempe. But we first met Victor nearly 20 years after he passed away. How? Let’s just say it involved a late night, some construction, a former cottage cheese-making vat and one of our founders.
Want to hear the whole story of how we met Victor? Or maybe you’d like a chance to get to know Anthony, another one of our spirits. Maybe you’d like to hear about our founders conducting a seance to get in touch with our ghosts? The best way is to sign up for one of our haunted brewery tours! Tickets are going fast and they’re all just dying to say hello.

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